About Me

I’m Yeshaya Kraus, and I’m here to help.

That’s why I became a therapist to begin with; I wanted to be someone who helps people through their challenges. I realized from a young age that I’m a natural listener, and people felt better when they would discuss their lives with me. I knew that with the proper education and training, I could make a real difference for people. So here I am.

I’ve been practicing in various settings since 2013. In that time I’ve worked with people of all ages (6-78), pretty much every population in the New York area, and a huge range of life challenges and mental health situations. When it came time to open up my own practice, I chose to focus on my passions. I’m a relationship therapist.

Pretty much anything you go through in life is rooted in a relationship. The root may be how you connect with your spouse, or how parents relate to their children. Many times, it’s about how you relate to yourself that holds you back. There’s a better self, a better life in there. It’s buried under fears, low self-esteem, or any number of other factors. When you look at your relationship honestly, you can start to adjust it. You can tweak it and make it better.

Therapy is not easy. It’s uncomfortable, and it can bring up a lot for you. It will push your life to change, which can be scary. I shoot to make therapy a safe place for that discomfort to happen, giving you the space to do the work you need to do. We go through it together, understanding carefully and offering the opportunity for the growth you need to shine.

Reach out. The payout in a life that you’re comfortable with is huge.