About Me

I’m Yeshaya Kraus, and I’m here to help.

That’s why I became a therapist to begin with; I wanted to be someone who helps people through their challenges. I realized from a young age that I’m a natural listener, and people felt better when they would discuss their lives with me. I knew that with the proper education and training, I could make a real difference for people. So here I am.

I’ve been practicing in various settings since 2013. I’ve worked in outpatient clinics, many schools, and, starting in 2017, in my own practice. Although I’ve worked with many people from different backgrounds, and many different challenges they face, at my core, I’m a relationship therapist. I work with clients who want to improve their disconnected, lonely, and often painful relationships, whether on their own or as a couple.

There are a few modalities that I rely on in our work together, including IFS, CBT, EFT, and Gottman. The foundation of what makes our work successful, though, is the safe environment we cultivate together in the therapy room. It’s a place of honesty, of positive regard, and compassion, which allows you to see your true self from different angles, and develop new ways to navigate in the relationships that are most important to you.

Therapy is not easy. It’s uncomfortable, and it can bring up a lot for you. It will push your life to change, which can be scary. We’ll go through it together, with careful understanding and support. It’s an opportunity for the growth you need in order to really shine.

Reach out. The benefit of a life that you’re comfortable with is huge.