How It Works

Starting therapy doesn’t have to be a confusing journey. You should know what you can expect when you begin, and how the process unfolds. Everyone’s journey is unique, but there are some points to lay out that can make yours less imposing.

We start off with a brief phone call, in which I get to know you a little. I’ll ask you about what’s bringing you into therapy, what you’re looking to accomplish, and determine if I’m a good fit for what you’re trying to do. I’ll take down some basic information, and we’ll schedule an appointment. The call usually takes about fifteen minutes. Following the phone call, I’ll send you a short form outlining office policies and allowing you to consent to working with me.

Your first session will be between forty five minutes and an hour. In that session, we’ll go more into detail about who you are, what you’re dealing with, and what’s brought you to where you are in life. At the end of that session, we’ll have an idea of how to approach you in the situation you’re in.

I am currently offering both in-person and online sessions to clients living in the state of New York.

Any more questions? Give me a call! I’m happy to answer them.