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You’re facing challenges in life. It’s hard. You know you haven’t been your best self. You’ve tried making changes yourself, but it just doesn’t seem to get you anywhere.

Is it relationship trouble? Feeling down? Maybe you’re feeling too nervous, more often than you’d like. It’s so hard to look at yourself positively.

Do more than just live with it. With therapy, you’ll grow past the challenges that have been holding you back.

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Any characters in my blog are not clients, nor are they based on specific clients. They’re literary tools used to illustrate common experiences that many go through.

Poetic Interlude – The Question

I saw you from afar one day The way you stood  The way you moved The look you gave The look you had There’s Someone Just a little closer then Your laugh Your smile The flicker in your eyes The way you sat The way you thought Closer still The feeling of being next to…

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Making Sense?

This is written in response to current events. Feel free to email me to discuss your thoughts. When is the need to Act more the need to react? The need to make sense A need To control That which we can’t That which doesn’t make Sense And never will We I That one’s story It’s…

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A Tale of Two Doctors’ Offices

Here’s something to think about. Today was dedicated as medical care day for yours truly, so I was in a couple of different offices. I decided to get my annual physical on the same way as my dental checkup. (I’m not going to tell you how frequent that is, so don’t ask.) I spent a…

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